separation anxiety

One of the biggest behavior problems of our dogs is when we leave and they are left alone at home, they suffer from separation anxiety.
Not all dogs show symptoms, we are going to indicate the most common symptoms:

excessive vocalization

This is one of the most common problems that all dog owners have ever faced.

Whether whining, howling or barking, the dog uses its voice uncontrollably to warn of its presence and complain about its loneliness.

In general, the neighbors will suffer the most from this behavior.


Dogs that can't stand loneliness, either because they're bored or because they think you're not coming back, destroy things in the house to show their frustration and release stress.

A bored dog usually has hyperactivity problems, and if he hasn't taken a quality walk on top of that, he will look for another way to spend all the energy he has, for example, nibbling everything in his path.

This behavior is usually more common in puppies and young dogs.

Keeping the dog busy would be the ideal solution. There are specific toys, for example olfactory mats, while having fun they forget about the separation, since the most traumatic moment is usually the moment you close the door.

Improper disposal

That dogs relieve themselves at home is a behavior that you have to watch very closely, since it can have several reasons. Depending on the severity of the problem, the solution may be more or less easy.

  • In puppies it is normal that they do not learn to relieve themselves until they are 8 or 10 months old.
  • In adult dogs it can appear due to the disorder related to separation anxiety. In this case, his intention is to attract attention so that you pay attention to him and do not leave again.
  • in older dogs it may be due to urinary tract pathologies and you should consult your veterinarian.