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-In the xs size you cannot put names of more than 6 letters-

These little bones are made of high-quality resin to which strawberry shapes, glitter and hearts have been added.

You can also personalize it with the name of your pet on the front and if you want any additional information such as the phone number on the back with the font that you like best.

Because each label is custom made and the resin takes time to dry, each label takes several business days to produce.

Important Note: This is a personalized item and will vary from the image as this is going to be unique to you.

The bone always comes with its own 15mm washer. They are special steel washers for this type of bone, which is why we do not recommend removing them and replacing them with another. If you would like a larger diameter washer please hook that one to the one it comes attached to.

This tag is waterproof, but for best tag longevity, remove while swimming or bathing.

Bone size XS: 4 x2.8 cm

Bone size M: 5.8 x 4 cm

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